The opportunity to extract information from ad-hoc news and filings, process this information automatically and in an intelligent way by putting it into the context of existing information and trade on the insights derived is not taken and consists a multi-billion-dollar opportunity.

The unique factors and combination of unprecedented volume of Big Data – in this case news from an explosion in sources and the way it is originated and disseminated -, exponentially increasing power of computing in combination with simultaneously exponentially decreasing cost of computing and storage, the advancement of machine and deep learning makes this a once in a lifetime opportunity.

By combining a unique set of people coming from the industry and from academia and a unique approach where we can take advantage of creating unique data sets from the outset while growing and exponentially increasing the value through network effects and applying and redefining the boundaries by applying cutting edge research we believe we are at forefront of this revolution that takes place right now in front of our eyes.